Calllog swf к патчу changecalllog на сенсорный телефон: телефонный адресный справочник нижнего новгорода

CommonDataKinds.Phone;. import android.provider.ContactsContract.Data; The CallLog provider contains information about placed and received calls. The cached URI to look up the contact associated with the phone number, if it exists. Query the call log database for the last dialed number. Stores a phone number of a call with the country code where it originally occurred. . A cache of the contact details for the phone numbers ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone;. import android.provider. ContactsContract.Data;. import android.provider.ContactsContract. DataUsageFeedback.

Dec 22, 2014 We can easily detect phone state and can know when call is ending using idle state and get new call log details but we can face any problems.